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November 2
MC Meeting: Game Day
Come play games with us! All games are math or logic based, yet easy to learn and fun to play. They do not necessarily require computation or advanced skills. We'll have Set, Quirkle, Blokus, 6-Nimmit!, and other fun games available. All interested students are welcome to join the fun.

November 9
MC Meeting: TBA

November 16
MC Meeting: Competition Problem Solving: Linear Algebra
Every spring the Ohio MAA sponsors an undergraduate student team math competition at its spring meeting (best scores get fame and cash prizes!).  We will work together on a selection of past competition problems which require techniques from linear algebra to solve them. You do not need to commit to competing in the spring in order to enjoy solving these problems with us right now.  You may even win a (non-cash) prize for your efforts.

November 30
MC Meeting: Duels, Dangers, Square Roots: The Perils of Medieval Mathematics
Speaker: Dr. Brent Strunk, Baldwin Wallace University
Abstract: Discover the perilous journey to find solutions to the cubic and quartic polynomials at the start of the 16th century.  Follow Tartaglia, Cardan, and Ferrari as they set into motion a series of events that solves equations and destroys lives.  Learn why the quintic polynomials have no formula, and the fate of Abel and Galois as they discover the truth centuries later.

December 7
MC Meeting: End of Semester Party
Join us to celebrate the end of the semester and all the wonderful mathematics you learned over the past few months! We will play games, eat cake, and of course, have fun.

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